Query: What policies do backbone providers use to determine IP ownership?

Steve Gibbard scg at gibbard.org
Fri May 25 02:25:14 UTC 2001

On Wed, 23 May 2001 jlewis at lewis.org wrote:

> Here's a related question.  Suppose provider A has a customer C who
> multihomes with a connection to A and provider B.  C uses IP's assigned by
> A.  C terminates service with A...but keeps announcing A's space to B.  B
> propogates the routes to their peers.  B and C ignore requests that they
> stop using A's space and renumber into B's.  How does A reclaim their
> space?
> One obvious solution is dueling routes...A could announce more specific
> routes, fouling things up for B and C hoping this will serve as
> encouragement for C to renumber.

And then C could announce more specific routes, and so forth, although
you'll run into filters and start being ignored at some point.

That's really the sort of problem better resolved by lawyers than
by engineers.


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