Query: What policies do backbone providers use to determine IP ownership?

Deepak Jain deepak at ai.net
Thu May 24 07:16:17 UTC 2001

I have seen dueling routes more often than I'd like to recall.

No one wants to use space that isn't 100% routable. Assuming A has any
peers, some traffic will go there and dead-end. Any customer in the block
will be unhappy. B will eventually give up. A would be foolish to assign
customers in the block until B has given up.

If A is a much better connected network than B (since B is acting like an
ass) the process is much more definitive.

C can, and should be ignored.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Deepak Jain

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On Wed, 23 May 2001, Tony Mumm wrote:

> I've seen a trend lately where I'm finding out, after the fact,
> where pieces of larger CIDR blocks are being taken apart by a
> myriad of unaggregated routes.   The other backbone providers
> freely allowed an announcement of that non-portable space to the
> Internet without regard to either the owning provider, or to
> general Internet routing.

Here's a related question.  Suppose provider A has a customer C who
multihomes with a connection to A and provider B.  C uses IP's assigned by
A.  C terminates service with A...but keeps announcing A's space to B.  B
propogates the routes to their peers.  B and C ignore requests that they
stop using A's space and renumber into B's.  How does A reclaim their

One obvious solution is dueling routes...A could announce more specific
routes, fouling things up for B and C hoping this will serve as
encouragement for C to renumber.

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