Query: What policies do backbone providers use to determine IP ownership?

Omachonu Ogali missnglnk at informationwave.net
Fri May 25 12:47:08 UTC 2001

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 07:25:14PM -0700, Steve Gibbard wrote:
> On Wed, 23 May 2001 jlewis at lewis.org wrote:
> > Here's a related question.  Suppose provider A has a customer C who
> > multihomes with a connection to A and provider B.  C uses IP's assigned by
> > A.  C terminates service with A...but keeps announcing A's space to B.  B
> > propogates the routes to their peers.  B and C ignore requests that they
> > stop using A's space and renumber into B's.  How does A reclaim their
> > space?
> > 
> > One obvious solution is dueling routes...A could announce more specific
> > routes, fouling things up for B and C hoping this will serve as
> > encouragement for C to renumber.
> And then C could announce more specific routes, and so forth, although
> you'll run into filters and start being ignored at some point.
> That's really the sort of problem better resolved by lawyers than
> by engineers.
> -Steve
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Why go through all that mess? You call up their new upstream, say
you're a representative of XYZ, and customer ABC does not have
permission to announce your netblocks. I know InterNAP requires
that they get consent from the netblock contact, I don't know about
other companies.

And so it doesn't happen as a prank, while on phone with them, tell
the person to send an e-mail to the netblock contact, you open up the
e-mail and read it back to them for verification, it seriously can't
be that complicated. kthkxbye.
Omachonu Ogali
missnglnk at informationwave.net

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