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> I infact installed MAPS to see if it helped the
> problem.  It did not because the user didn't run an open relay site
> but rather a no confirmation email list.  Would I be correct to
> assume they should be in the MAPS list too?

They would be eligible for listing on the RBL per

>As you can see sometime
> spam/annoying emails is not always sent throught an open relay but
> sometimes it's a problem with mailing lists.....  What should maps
> do, start adding sites that act like this?

When we receive a valid and actionable nomination per the requirements 
of, it is investigated and 
handled according to procedures.  If the entity is unable or unwilling 
to rectify the situation that allows them to continue to send 
unsolicited e-mail, they *do* get added to the RBL.

What we don't do is add them to the RSS.  That's for open, single 
stage, abused relays.  We haven't been escalating those to the RBL for 
the better part of a year.  Multi-hop open abused relays are still 
eligible for listing on the RBL.

> I am just making the point that if MAPS wasn't run by one person with
> total control maybe some of us "retards who don't know what we are
> doing" would be a bit more will to support the effort.

Well, since MAPS *isn't* run one person with total control but rather a 
good sized staff of folks that have various responsiblilties for 
receiving, assessing, investigating and recommending listings or 
otherwise resolving the nominations for our various lists, does this 
mean you are going to be supporting the effort?

You might want to read  I think 
you are a bit misinformed.

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