Stealth Blocking

Aaron L. Meehan aaron at
Wed May 23 23:50:14 UTC 2001

Quoting Robert Sharp (rsharp at
> I would like to make the point that I do run two mail servers and both a maps approved.
> Please don't tell me I don't know how to run a mail server.  Again I am not discussing your
> ability , please don't poke fun at me.  In fact I had some trouble with spam on one of them
> because someone was signing up a list I use for the  owl networks mailing list.  I infact
> installed MAPS to see if it helped the problem.  It did not because the user didn't run an
> open relay site but rather a no confirmation email list.  

What strange logic process brought you to the conclusion that you
should use MAPS to block email from one particular mailing list?
Maybe English isn't your native tounge and I'm just not understanding
you, or a thorough course of instruction on Internet email, and how to
block it, is in order.

> Would I be correct to assume they should be in the MAPS list too?

Why, yes, if someone *nominates* the list for inclusion into MAPS and
shows documentation of the problem. 
> I am just making the point that if MAPS wasn't run by one person with total control maybe
> some of us "retards who don't know what we are doing" would be a bit more will to support the
> effort.

You think MAPS is just one person?  You don't know a thing about what
you are complaining about, as evidenced by this and your other words

Confusing it with ORBS, perhaps.


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