terminal server recommendation

just me. matt at camel.ethereal.net
Tue May 1 21:56:50 UTC 2001

I've been completely happy with our installation of PM25's. They are
getting harder to find/more expensive, though. Lucent really blew it
EOL'ing these.

We have ~100 in production and aside from an occasonal DOA they've
been frawless. BBNPlanet also used them exclusively for console access
when I was there.


On Tue, 1 May 2001, Aaron Dewell wrote:

  If you can find them, Livingston/Lucent PM-25s work pretty well too and are
  cheap (since they are discontinued).
  On Tue, 1 May 2001, Charles Smith wrote:
  > I would like to deploy a terminal server in several of my POPs, however cost
  > is a slight issue. Can anyone on the list recommend a fairly inexpensive
  > terminal server (besides Cisco)? Obviously the terminal server should be
  > reliable and work - it is the little things that count.
  > chas

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