terminal server recommendation

just me. matt at camel.ethereal.net
Wed May 2 01:39:12 UTC 2001

On Tue, 1 May 2001, John Butler wrote:
  Thus spake Aaron Dewell (acd at woods.net):
  > If you can find them, Livingston/Lucent PM-25s work pretty well too and are
  > cheap (since they are discontinued).
  NOOOOOOOOOO! Octopus cables BAAAAD! PMs have no ssh, either.

I don't see the drawback of an octopus cable. Especially if its just
getting converted to RJ45 and patched into a panel, anyway.

Everywhere I've seen real console access implemented, its been on a
private LAN with ssh access through a bastion host. There you can
implement whatever authentication you want.
    who once assisted in disposing of over twenty times his weight in PM-25s
Thats a shame. They're solid reliable boxes that are only getting
harder to find.


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