Route-Reflector Redundancy

Steve Carter scarter at
Tue Jun 29 15:44:12 UTC 1999

Brandon Applegate wrote:
> In a redundant RR design, I have several questions that don't seem to be
> clearly covered in RFC1966.
> 1)	Does a given route-reflector have to peer with the other
> 	route-reflectors in its own cluster ??

Yes.  All route-reflector servers within your network should be fully

> 2)	If yes to 1), do the RRs in the cluster peer with each other as
> 	clients or non-clients ??

All route-reflector servers peer as non-clients.

> Above and beyond all of the above (actually depending on all of the above
> :) ), if my client router hears something from RR1, will it also hear it
> from RR2 ??  Is there a race condition ?

Read BGP 101.  A client router is just like any other BGP router, the
protocol allows for a BGP router to hear multiple announcements for the
same destination.  The router will choose the best destination based on
the usual BGP decision rules.


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