Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

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Mon Jan 25 22:09:26 UTC 1999

On Mon, Jan 25, 1999 at 08:06:08AM -0500, Rich Sena wrote:

> > Third, the idea that it only takes minutes or a few days to process a
> > payment is wrong.  It takes up to eleven business days to clear a check. A
> > week to mail, and a week to process is not unreasonable, which quickly adds
> > up to about 30 days.  Credit card payments can take 60 days to clear, since
> > they can be refuted when it appears on your bill.
> Now you are getting ridiculous (surprise surprise) - you are arguing the
> 1% argument here - (here are some more straws in case you are running
> short).  First - I would only accept credit card payment from individuals
> and then I would invoice accounts that can establish a line of credit (I
> would assume those that register and HAVE PAID for a volume of domains -
> the keys word there are HAVE PAID)

NetSol already maintains debit accounts for those people who choose to open
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