Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

Rich Sena ras at
Mon Jan 25 13:06:08 UTC 1999

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Dean Anderson wrote:

> First, what do speculators do?  They register a domain and watch the news

Screw the speculators - (simply put) - they are leaches - if they did not
register the domain in the first place then that company that they "watch
the news for" would simply register their own frikken domain and not be
gouged by them for their "finders fee".

> Second, the current system evolved because of the requirements to reject
> duplicates, and immediately notify the registrant about a duplicate and
> allow registrations to go forward before "the check clears". Duplicates
> might come in seconds after the first registation.  Thing are done on the
> "internet" time scale vs. the "telco" time scale.

You shot yourself in the foot here - if pay first is the method then the
first one that registered would have PAID FIRST.

> Third, the idea that it only takes minutes or a few days to process a
> payment is wrong.  It takes up to eleven business days to clear a check. A
> week to mail, and a week to process is not unreasonable, which quickly adds
> up to about 30 days.  Credit card payments can take 60 days to clear, since
> they can be refuted when it appears on your bill.

Now you are getting ridiculous (surprise surprise) - you are arguing the
1% argument here - (here are some more straws in case you are running
short).  First - I would only accept credit card payment from individuals
and then I would invoice accounts that can establish a line of credit (I
would assume those that register and HAVE PAID for a volume of domains -
the keys word there are HAVE PAID)

> To make sure that payment is received, all registrations would have to wait
> until the check cleared, or the credit card charge wasn't refuted.  That
> means you might wait 30 to 60 days for the registation.  That would be
> unacceptable.  No one wants to wait until the check clears.  Also note that
> this restriction doesn't affect speculation at all. Speculators don't care
> if the domain can't be registered for 30 days. They want 30 days to decide
> whether to keep it or not. But what net user wants to wait 30 days for a
> registration? Probably very few. Ok, so we rule that out.

<da-na-na-na ther is a signpost on the wall you have just entered...>

Dean - what, that you have paid for with your credit card, have you needed
to wait 30 days to obtain - netsols collection procedure is not an issue

<remainder snipped - finally came too and realized who I was arguing

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