Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

Adam D. McKenna adam at
Wed Jan 20 19:57:39 UTC 1999

From: Phil Howard <phil at>

:> That's fine.  As long as they don't mind spending time and money
:> their entire network once it gets connected to the internet.
:That's my point.  With real addresses, it addressed the issues of having to
:renumber when new business interconnections were made, or when any of them
:decided to get on the Internet.  NAT was not viable then, as it is today.

To clarify, I was not arguing against using real addresses.  What I was had
a problem with was your statement that suggests that this network of
companies in any way resembles the internet.  It doesn't.  Companies only
need to be worried about the subnets that they can "see".  If they are
connecting to two separate companies that are using the same address space,
this will obviously create a problem.  However, it only takes some common
sense to resolve such problems.  There is an awful lot of RFC1918 space


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