Suggestion: Add contact entry to whois

Network Operations Center noc at
Fri Feb 26 18:29:33 UTC 1999

	Hello All,

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Phil Howard wrote:

> Owen DeLong wrote:
> > We already have Admin, Tech, and Billing.  Would it be possible to consider
> > the addition of an Abuse contact in whois?
	Not actually a bad idea for (mail abuse) , But then the Tech
	Contact s/b able to remedy the condition by forwarding the
	info to postmaster , You have that defined for your domain
	don't you ?

> The existing contacts serve that function.  If someone at some place is
	I disagree with this entirely ,  in the last few years we have
	had a inundation of domain requests mostly from very non-technical
	individuals .

	The Administrator, isn't needed to be Technically Competent.
	The Technical Contact, -IS- ,  But in some cases isn't .
	The Billing Contact, isn't needed to be Technically Competent.

	And on top of this we have people whom have entered registrations
	that all of the above are to the same clueless individual .

	I would like to see an entry that can -ONLY- be entered
	by a -KNOWN- Technical Contact Associated with particular Name
	Server(s) .  

> smurfing you, you don't want to talk to some secretary who is going to
> stick a post-it on some manager's door about it.  You want the NOC and
> you want the person in the NOC who can initiate immediate investigation
> and correct the problem.  Well, at least I do.
	How about a NOC entry ? , But then again Technical Contact s/b
	able to forward to [email protected] ....
> Define "abuse".  It comes in a lot of categories, anyway.  Which category
> do you think an abuse contact should be getting them for?  Smurf?  Flood?
> Spam?  Bad BGP?  Hacking?
	Yes I agree , original poster Please define .

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