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Dean Robb pceasy at
Sun Feb 28 22:16:32 UTC 1999

At 10:29 2/26/99 -0800, Network Operations Center wrote:

>> > We already have Admin, Tech, and Billing.  Would it be possible to
>> > the addition of an Abuse contact in whois?
>	Not actually a bad idea for (mail abuse) , But then the Tech
>	Contact s/b able to remedy the condition by forwarding the
>	info to postmaster , You have that defined for your domain
>	don't you ?

By definition in the RFC's (remember those?) all email-related problems
should go to the postmaster.  Some ISPs have set up an abuse address
specifically to handle spam problems; retaining the postmaster for more
traditional problems.

Unfortunately, we frequently find domains with a disabled or /dev/null-ed
postermaster address.  Adding an abuse address would accomplish nothing.
If they don't have a working postmaster, it's not real likely they'd have a
working abuse address either.

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