End of year freeze (Re: Y2k silly season)

Ryan Tucker rtucker at netacc.net
Tue Dec 28 04:50:46 UTC 1999

On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, Deepak Jain wrote:
> Poor signal strength, unusually high number of fast busies when trying to
> reach local and long distance land lines. High delays in call processing, 
> Higher than normal numbers of automatic redials on call-initiation. 
> This in areas like Tyson's Corner, South Beach, New York City, and 
> surrounding areas. 

That's weird.  For what it's worth, things have been improving for me in
the Rochester NY region.  I can now keep my phone in my pocket in my
upstairs bedroom without losing signal, pages come through within about 10
minutes instead of the half hours of weeks past, and my stereo's reception
of local non-commercial stations is much improved.

I've just been blaming it on the lack of leaves on the trees, but maybe
all the good propogation is accumulating up here ;-)  -rt

(p.s.:  cellular provider is Cellular One [800MHz TDMA], pager is pagenet
[two-way], non-commercial radio stations are WBER, WRUR, and WITR)

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