Verio Decides what parts of the internet to drop

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Thu Dec 2 23:02:53 UTC 1999

Normally I agree with Randy (cough) but:

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Randy Bush wrote:

> > Apparently for their convenience Verio has decided what parts of the
> > Internet I can get to.
> verio does not accept from peers announcements of prefixes in classic b
> space longer than the allocations of the regional registries.

Simply put, thats dumb. I can't imagine a technical reason for this (CPU
and/or memory), so it must be politcal.

> we believe our customers and the internet as a whole will be less
> inconvenienced by our not listening to sub-allocation prefixes than to have
> major portions of the network down as has happened in the past.  some here
> may remember the 129/8 disaster which took significant portions of the net
> down for up to two days.

I believe that if I have a customer who is multihomed between me and
another provider, his punch-throughs to the non-address-space-providing
provider should be heard. It's called 'global routability.'

> the routing databases are not great, and many routers can not handle ACLs
> big enough to allow a large to irr filter large peers.  and some large peers
> do not register routes.

There are ways to get around this (as-path filtering, maximum-paths, etc)
that aren't as nazi as one would hope, but will prevent stupidity and
provide sanity checking.

> so we and others filter at allocation boundaries and have for a long time.
> we assure you we do not do it without serious consideration or to torture
> nanog readers.


> > With no notification.
> verio's policy has been constant and public.

But unfortunate. Will they announce a customer-announced /24?

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