Verio Decides what parts of the internet to drop

Randy Bush rbush at
Thu Dec 2 21:00:17 UTC 1999

> Apparently for their convenience Verio has decided what parts of the
> Internet I can get to.

verio does not accept from peers announcements of prefixes in classic b
space longer than the allocations of the regional registries.

we believe our customers and the internet as a whole will be less
inconvenienced by our not listening to sub-allocation prefixes than to have
major portions of the network down as has happened in the past.  some here
may remember the 129/8 disaster which took significant portions of the net
down for up to two days.

the routing databases are not great, and many routers can not handle ACLs
big enough to allow a large to irr filter large peers.  and some large peers
do not register routes.

so we and others filter at allocation boundaries and have for a long time.
we assure you we do not do it without serious consideration or to torture
nanog readers.

> With no notification.

verio's policy has been constant and public.


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