IP Allocations

Joe Abley jabley at patho.gen.nz
Thu Aug 12 22:29:14 UTC 1999

Hey Mark,

Your rules of thumb are a little bizarre. Check rfc2050 -- and yes,
you _should_ care :)


On Thu, Aug 12, 1999 at 05:47:45PM -0400, Mark Cobb wrote:
> I have a question about how much IP space to allocate for downstream
> customers. I know that when we want to obtain IP space that we have to
> go to ARIN with the proper justification forms to show that we have
> effeciently utilized our assigned IP CIDR's and also to verify that they
> have been SWIP'd, etc... We also offer transport, so I came up with a
> basic "rule of thumb" to use as a guideline. Up until recently, this has
> worked fine. Now I am uncertain of what I should do with a customer that
> is requesting a /23 CIDR, yet they only have 256K bandwidth. Part of me
> says give it to them and let thier customers deal with the service that
> they will receive, but then I feel obligated to not support bad ISP
> service. I guess that I am looking for an industry guideline as opposed
> to the one that I am trying to use or if I should even care. I use the
> following: 256K = /26, 512K = /25, full T1 = /24, etc..
> Let me know what everyone thinks, is this fair or not, and should I
> care??

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