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Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
Thu Aug 12 04:58:37 UTC 1999

In message <01JEMIE2WJS691XASM at ACES.COM>, Ehud Gavron writes:

 > BBN still thinks they invented tcp/ip.

And we have a pretty good claim.

If you go back and look at the history of networking in the 1970s, BBN
was a very active participant -- probably more active than any other
corporation.  And BBNers figure prominently on early drafts of many of
the major protocols we know today, including TELNET, FTP, email, the
New ARPAnet routing protocol (the protocol that OSPF and IS-IS are based on)
and EGP (predecessor to BGP).

We've occasionally tooted the horn a bit too strongly (there's a famous
report c. 1980 that some Internet pioneers periodically bring up :-))
but we're certainly entitled to toot it.


Craig Partridge
Chief Scientist, BBN Technologies (part of GTE)

PS: BBN Technologies does research.  What was BBN Planet is now GTE
Internetworking.  So sending me day-to-day operational questions is
generally a waste of time.  (I'm on this list to track issues
in future operations...)

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