was in-addr.arpa question, now BBN

John Hawkinson jhawk at bbnplanet.com
Thu Aug 12 05:06:03 UTC 1999

> In message <01JEMIE2WJS691XASM at ACES.COM>, Ehud Gavron writes:
>  > BBN still thinks they invented tcp/ip.
> And we have a pretty good claim.

Regardless, of who may or may not have invented
what, there is no excuse for poor customer service.

> We've occasionally tooted the horn a bit too strongly (there's a famous
> report c. 1980 that some Internet pioneers periodically bring up :-))
> but we're certainly entitled to toot it.

I daresay one's right-to-toot ought to be strongly constrained
by one's competence ;-)

> PS: BBN Technologies does research.  What was BBN Planet is now GTE
> Internetworking.  So sending me day-to-day operational questions is
> generally a waste of time.  (I'm on this list to track issues
> in future operations...)

My understanding is that as a result of Hank's inquiry to NANOG,
folks who understand the complaint and are in a position to fix it
are following up with Hank on this issue. While I cannot condone
the use of NANOG as an escalation path when a mechanistic part
of a provider does something stupid, we'll certainly try to pay
attention and correct it when it does happen, much as Ehud's
problem with register.com.

As for the claim to violaton of an RFC, I think it unlikely. Poor
customer service, poor community spirit, by all means. It's
not our policy to do this.

  (who does deal with operational issues, though is not an
   appropriate escalation path either, though will attempt to
   make amends if problems come his way)

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