Cisco scripts??

Paul A Vixie vixie at
Thu Jul 9 00:18:02 UTC 1998

> I will have to say, that rtrmon is one of the best tools that we have for 
> management of our routers.

that's nice to hear.  and did i mention that it does not require clear text
router passwords to be stored in the file system like some tools i know of?

> Simple, elegant, hard to port to non BSD, does all kinds of routine
> tasks easy.

re: hard to port.  well, the folks here who write that kind of code are
periodically available and if i could find more companies like genuity
who are willing to fund work like rtrmon and vulture (which means: isp
tools which help everybody but are not competitive advantages and which
can therefore be freely redistributable even though someone had to pay
to implement them) i would certainly have had someone port rtrmon to,
say, solaris and NT by now.

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