Cisco scripts??

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at
Thu Jul 9 03:04:36 UTC 1998

Paul, et. al.,

We use RTRMON here and like it a lot too.  Of course, nothing is perfect,
but it does a lot of kewl stuff we use daily.

>> Simple, elegant, hard to port to non BSD, does all kinds of routine
>> tasks easy.

We had it working here on Linux originally, although we now have it on
FreeBSD.  I believe it is all PERL code and our in-house coder claims this
should be easy to port to just about anything.  He claims the only external
calls are made to PGP, which should be available on just about anything
you'd want to run.

Of course, I'm not a big PERL weenie, so maybe I'm way off base, but that's
what I'm told.


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