Cisco scripts??

Ron Johnson rjohnson at
Thu Jul 9 00:07:58 UTC 1998

I will have to say, that rtrmon is one of the best tools that we have for 
management of our routers.

Simple, elegant, hard to port to non BSD, does all kinds of routine tasks easy.

> > Does anyone know where I can get ahold of some sort of script that querys
> > the routers via SNMP that shows the running configs on them?  I want to
> > have a web based interface that ONLY shows the running configs.  I am aware
> > of the built in http server that is on the routers, but I would rather do
> > it via SNMP .  Any information would be appreciated.
> I know someone said it can be done with SNMP but we don't do it that way here.
> Both of these were paid for by Genuity but are freely redistributable.
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