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Sat Dec 26 09:37:46 UTC 1998

> Hi there, too,
> And we need this because.... ? *blank obviously clueless stare, wildly waving 
> hands*
	I'm sorry you felt my message was a spam. 
> Care to explain why the heck we need yet another forum for that sort of stuff?
	If you can point me to other forums where it belongs and that do
the same thing I would be interested in knowing.  I have yet to see a list
(Which doesn't mean one doesn't exist) where people (Hopefully ISPs and
NSPs and the likes) talk about where they are seeing a smurf attack, or
who is strobing them or other such activities.

	The idea was originally brought up on Inet-Access and met with very
little interest.  Then, within the span of a week, over a dozen multi-site
hacks were attempted.  People would post something like "Is anyone seeing
probing from ''?"  We then worked to stop the hacking.  Sometimes it
took multiple people to call the contact for them to believe us.  Sometimes
people had to ask how to contact someone, or where to look for information,
or "Gee, how can I tell if this is happening to me".  Rather than junk up
the news groups  (Inet-Access, Nanog) we started another one, allowing 
people to concentrate on the other issues on the other lists.

	The announcement list should be a low volume list (Unless the
occurances of attacks warrants it) so many can join that and be fairly
certain that only important messages will be posted. 

	I hope I've made this clear enough, but if not I welcome more
comments or criticism.

> Thanks & happy holidays,
> Chris
> On Fri, Dec 25, 1998 at 09:41:35PM -0500, TTSG wrote:
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> Frisbeetarianism, n.:
>     The belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck.

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