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jprovo at jprovo at
Mon Dec 28 00:12:32 UTC 1998

>> Care to explain why the heck we need yet another forum for that sort of stuff?
>	If you can point me to other forums where it belongs and that do
>the same thing I would be interested in knowing.  I have yet to see a list
>(Which doesn't mean one doesn't exist) where people (Hopefully ISPs and
>NSPs and the likes) talk about where they are seeing a smurf attack, or
>who is strobing them or other such activities.
Funny, ongoing attacks that one wishes to be pubilc about sure sound
"operational" in nature to me.  If one didn't wish to be public, sending
data to the appropriate molassas-agency (CERT, et al) would make sense.
Was anyone yelled at on NANOG for talking about ongoing attacks?  I don't
think so.

Personally, I'm so pleased to see the current commodity nature of domain 
names put to such good use; the internet version of one-hit-wonders/one
trick ponies/etc.


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