*scream* Cannot contact AT&T WorldNet NOC

Sorenson_Christine_M at bns.att.com Sorenson_Christine_M at bns.att.com
Sun Sep 28 22:19:39 UTC 1997


If you are a customer of AT&T WorldNet Managed Internet Services
(meaning, you have a dedicated connection to the Internet from AT&T
WorldNet), the Customer Care number, which is manned 24 X7, is
800-411-6427.  You can open a trouble ticket there for whatever problem
you're having.  The Customer Care technician will troubleshoot it as far
as they can take it (they have a fair amount of testing capability; if
need be the NOC will get involved and work further to resolve the

If you are a customer of our WorldNet Dial service, the number to call
for support is 800-WORLDNET or 800-400-1447. You are right, you will
probably always get asked about your PC configuration because that's the
most common problem people have--configuring their software.  Eventually
you will be able to describe what network problem you're experiencing
and they will report it for you.

If neither of these are what you are looking for, please send me e-mail
and I'll try to help you.

Christine Sorenson

Christine M. Sorenson
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   Subject:    *scream*  Cannot contact AT&T WorldNet NOC
   Does *anyone* have a contact number for someone that does not keep
   asking me if I'm running a Windows machine?  Every number I have for
   them, connects me to some moron that has no clue when I say "It
   appears that someone from your network is attempting to flood our
   network".  Asking to be connected to Security gets me an e-mail
   address and asking for a supervisor get me "He's not avainable" Whois
   on att.net get me a voice mailbox saying that they are closed on the
   Eric Wieling (eric at ccti.net), Corporate Communications Technology
   Sales: 504-585-7303 (sales at ccti.net), Support: 504-525-5449
   (support at ccti.net)
   I don't bother to set my alarm clock anymore.  Someone always pages
   me before I need to wake up anyway.
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