*scream* Cannot contact AT&T WorldNet NOC

Eric Wieling eric at ccti.net
Sun Sep 28 20:52:03 UTC 1997

Does *anyone* have a contact number for someone that does not keep
asking me if I'm running a Windows machine?  Every number I have for
them, connects me to some moron that has no clue when I say "It
appears that someone from your network is attempting to flood our
network".  Asking to be connected to Security gets me an e-mail
address and asking for a supervisor get me "He's not avainable" Whois
on att.net get me a voice mailbox saying that they are closed on the


Eric Wieling (eric at ccti.net), Corporate Communications Technology
Sales: 504-585-7303 (sales at ccti.net), Support: 504-525-5449 (support at ccti.net)

I don't bother to set my alarm clock anymore.  Someone always pages
me before I need to wake up anyway.

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