*scream* Cannot contact AT&T WorldNet NOC

Michael Dillon michael at priori.net
Sun Sep 28 23:50:01 UTC 1997

At 3:19 PM -0700 9/28/97, Sorenson_Christine_M at bns.att.com wrote:
>Attachment converted: internal HD:BDY.RTF (TEXT/MSIE) (00010F1F)
>Content-Type: application/x-openmail-1734; name="WINMAIL.DAT"
>Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="WINMAIL.DAT"
>Attachment converted: internal HD:WINMAIL.DAT (????/----) (00010F20)


I wonder if there was any useful content in this mail message....

Have people forgotten about Internet standards like universally readable email?

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