too many routes

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Mon Sep 15 16:22:45 UTC 1997

> From: Alan Hannan <hannan at>
>   The scaling issue is synonymous w/ an entirely L3 network.  L2
>   networks just put it off and make it somewhat less likely.
>   See, I get the impression that people on this list can be
>   categorized as two kinds -- router people and network people.
>   That may be too strict a delineation.
Sorry, cannot pass this one up:

This nonsequitor is a common problem with those folks that like to use
"L2" and "L3" labels, rather than the _true_ name of things.

Router people and network people are one and the same -- L3 is "network".

Link (L2) people are now trying to build networks, and are reinventing
the router wheel discovered long ago by earlier network (L3) people.

Gosh, it is refreshing to have Sean back!  This list is a lot more
interesting.  Not on topic, but interesting....

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