too many routes

Peter Lothberg roll at Stupi.SE
Fri Sep 12 01:06:24 UTC 1997

Alan writes;

>   There is another router vendor who has OC-12 router interfaces
>   There is a choice in the market today for OC12 router interfaces.
>   -alan

Let's try to define the terminolog;

	oc3	3*sts-1	(=3*ds3)
	oc3c	3*sts-1 concatenated (vc4, or one container 1920 bytes)
	oc12	12*sts-1 (=12*ds3)
	oc12c	12*sts-1 concatenated (can carry a STM-4, 7680 bytes)

Most (all?) data equipment uses ocXXc chanels, so I asume that is what
we are talking about.

ATM	OC12c-celltax	=	'oc9' worth of IP traffic (467M)
POS	OC12c-frametax	=	'oc11' worth of IP traffic ((580M)

This is before we look at system performance, routers understand IP,
Switches does not.


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