Flamed for off topic...

Michael Dillon michael at priori.net
Tue Sep 9 17:01:47 UTC 1997

>What is topical for this list anymore?  Since everyone agrees that no one
>is talking about any sort of content, what content can we agree should
>be talked about here?  I don't recall any postings of FAQs that describe
>what is and is not a normal operational conversation at all...

Preface: this is only my personal opinion. Someone else may differ with me
or may be able to express more clearly what I am trying to express.

This list is for discussion of Internet network operations in North
America. Generally, if it doesn't relate to routers and to the connections
between routers then it probably is not network operations. Operational
issues are always fairly immediate with perhaps a window of about 6 months
into the future.  Anything beyond that is philosophy, wishful thinking or
IETF standard setting material. If your company operates a network then it
is likely that some things that you do are operational (network operations
center activities) and therefore are appropriate to discuss here and some
things are not operational (modems, customer routers, etc). The people on
this list generally would define the Internet as the mesh of BGP speaking
routers, therefore discussions about anything outside that mesh may be off
topic. This is why you will see sarcastic questions like, "How do I
configure my router to deal with that?" when the topic strays.

If I've missed something important or made a glaring error, please correct
me publicly on the list, otherwise let's discuss it off list.

>To keep "on topic" a bit, does anyone know who is putting in decient
>sized pipes from North America (is that on topic?) over to the dGix
>in Stockholm?

Wouldn't you just ask the dGix operators to find out this? And don't you
think this kind of question would find a better answer on RIPE's European
operators list?

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