Flamed for off topic...

Marcos Della mdella at cstone.com
Tue Sep 9 14:06:00 UTC 1997

Ok folks, I posted a few days ago a request for information on the gated
system and got quite a few helpful suggestions.  Unfortunately more than
half of those helpful suggestions suggested that I go elsewhere since I was

I was under the impression (I've been on this list for several years) that
anything related to network operations (such as finding gated) might be
somewhat topical compared to a bunch of other drivel here.

My question then is this...

What is topical for this list anymore?  Since everyone agrees that no one
is talking about any sort of content, what content can we agree should
be talked about here?  I don't recall any postings of FAQs that describe
what is and is not a normal operational conversation at all...


To keep "on topic" a bit, does anyone know who is putting in decient
sized pipes from North America (is that on topic?) over to the dGix
in Stockholm?  Or are most providers skipping over to Telehouse then
over to either the dGix and/or Seednet in Amsterdam?  Also, anyone know
of someone who is willing to co-locate equipment in any of these

On another question, has anyone used the Cisco remote director?  If so,
does anyone have remote protocol servers that they are willing to feed
out local route information from?


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