Paul Vixie did not spam you (this is an automated response)

Peter Galbavy peter at
Thu Mar 6 09:16:43 UTC 1997

cc'ed to [email protected] FYI

Paul Vixie wrote:
> Today I started receiving a massive number of e-mail bounces and complaints
> about spam.  I immediately realized that someone had abused the network in my
> name; sure enough, I shortly received the evidence shown below.  I apologize
> for this form letter response, but I'm expecting another 10,000 complaints and
> I do not plan to send personalized replies to each one.

[Posting from home, since thats where I get [email protected], but posting
with my work hat on - Reply-To: set to peter at]

Please note that we were hit by the same spammer. The original
message went out, claiming it was from one of our customers (another
thread last week) when in actual fact it is from an address block
assigned the

I understand that this ISP (Enterprise in the UK) has made a
statement to the effect that they in turn have traced this to a
Compuserve location. Since the only Recieved: header with anything
useful in it has one of their IP addrs in, this is difficult to

Just for some background, the spammer proceeded to set the Reply-To:
address to a range of mail-news gateways (demon.service at
was one) and really wound people up. This range of gateways have
now been permanently closed, which is in itself a great shame. I
would advise other out there to check if they have similar legacy
[email protected] type gateways operating and close them to reduce the
backlash of this type of spam.

Peter Galbavy
@ Home in Wonderland
     Be remembered not for your final destination, but for your journey.

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