in-addr problems

William S. Duncanson william at
Thu Mar 6 07:35:20 UTC 1997

> Has anyone noticed lately that there have been a lot of problems getting
> in-addr information on ip addresses?  At first I thought it was
> problem with, but it appears to be on the MSN/UUNet
> side.  We've had numerous customers of theirs complain that they could
> get to some of our sites, or that it was taking a lot longer than usual. 
> We looked at the logs, and sure enough, we're getting "refused connect
> gethostbyaddr() failed" messages from the IP addresses
> that they're coming from.  So, the question is, should we disable this
> temporarily, or just wait for UUNet/MSN to get their act together?
> William S. Duncanson
> william at
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