Routing table jump

Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Wed Mar 13 03:22:36 UTC 1996

At 09:33 PM 3/12/96 -0500, mike wrote:

>This means to all who use routers to do transport *and* routing 
>calculations/table management on memory bound devices: you're out of 
>business on 10/1/1996. This is when 'the Internet' crashes. In reality, 
>it is when all lemmings jump the final cliff, and only the 'bad' ones 
>will prevail.
>( this is a private statement. Don't get me wrong! mypaycheck is not 

Good thing your paycheck isn't involved; chances are you'd loose it.

Death of the Net predicted, Film at Eleven.

Deja Vu.

- paul

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