Routing table jump

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Wed Mar 13 14:00:42 UTC 1996

On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, mike wrote:

> BGP table version is 5943064, main routing table version 5943064
> 35739 network entries (60290/102278 paths) using 7298508 bytes of memory
> 5910 BGP path attribute entries using 680968 bytes of memory
> 3496 BGP route-map cache entries using 55936 bytes of memory
> 51 BGP filter-list cache entries using 816 bytes of memory
> Dampening enabled. 209 history paths, 93 dampened paths
> Well, I assume it will go to double until August to about 70000. that's 
> why I am taking and promotin ga different strategy. 
> The growth is clearly exponential. It took a small dip because of the 
> end of the year festivities worldwide (pretty much every country has some 
> stuff in holidays around end of december until end of Ramadan). Now we 
> are back on track, my private curve fits again.
> This means to all who use routers to do transport *and* routing 
> calculations/table management on memory bound devices: you're out of 
> business on 10/1/1996. This is when 'the Internet' crashes. In reality, 
> it is when all lemmings jump the final cliff, and only the 'bad' ones 
> will prevail.

Mike, what if our routers hold 128 megs of ram?

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