RS transparency survey

Jessica Yu jyy at
Thu Mar 7 15:03:03 UTC 1996


How about doing the following:

By default, insert RS's AS in the path unless otherwise requested by the peer?

There is a RS peer request template which might be a good place to allow
new peers to specify if they want the AS inserted or not.

Please re-insert the RS's AS for the RS peer session with AS690 for now.  



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Some of you may have noticed that the RSes have stopped injecting their ASN
into the ASPath expression.  This was a feature I have just recently turned
on to meet the original design goals of the project.   As per specification,
the RSes were to be transparent in its operation.

I realise I may have erred by doing this without asking the community first. 
Therefore, I would like to take a poll as to what everyone prefers.  I can
turn the ASN injection back on in a peer-by-peer basis if necessary.  I
sincerely apologise if this has caused any confusions and/or problems.

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