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JK> Some of you may have noticed that the RSes have stopped injecting their ASN
JK> into the ASPath expression.  This was a feature I have just recently turned
JK> on to meet the original design goals of the project.   As per specification,
JK> the RSes were to be transparent in its operation.
JK> I realise I may have erred by doing this without asking the community first. 
JK> Therefore, I would like to take a poll as to what everyone prefers.  I can
JK> turn the ASN injection back on in a peer-by-peer basis if necessary.  I
JK> sincerely apologise if this has caused any confusions and/or problems.

I will be rolling back transparency status of the RS to all peers with
exception of those who have responded saying they like not seeing the RS's
AS in the ASPath.  I will turn on transparency in the future for anyone who
wishes it.  Simply send me a request.

Additionally, I've updated the peering request template
( allowing you to
specify whether or not you wish to have the RS peer transparently.

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