Internet access and telco usage patterns

Eric Woodward iml at
Fri Jul 5 04:51:55 UTC 1996

At 05:36 PM 7/4/96 -0700, Michael Dillon wrote:
>> > Has anybody looked at the practicality of installing modem pools in each
>> > telco switch location to grab the dialup user's traffic at the IP level
>> > and then route it to their ISP of choice for authentication and further
>> > routing. In other words, an ISP wouldn't buy phone lines, modems and
>> > terminal servers, they would buy IP access ports.
>I now find that BC-Tel is offering this service in parts of British
>Columbia. BC-Tel is half owned by GTE.


Also of possible interest here is that Westel, another telco in British
Columbia started offering this service early 3rd quarter of last year (with
Livingston Portmasters, ISP managed RADIUS authentication, and its own
Internet connection) which pressured to BCTel to offer a similar service.
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