Internet access and telco usage patterns

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As a matter of fact, it is quite doable. Aimnet developed a roaming
server (check that allows international ISPs to 
use each other's network to provide dialup services. A group of 
ISPs have joined a consortium GRIC (Global Reach Internet 
Consortium)  lead by Aimnet. The roaming server is based 
on Radius protocol. 

A telco company can install modems and route the authentication to 
the specific ISP for authentication. 

I just came back from Montreal INet 96 last week and a new roaming 
IETF group will be started. We are working on the IETF draft 
for the roaming and stay tuned. 


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  > At 05:36 PM 7/4/96 -0700, Michael Dillon wrote:
  > >> > Has anybody looked at the practicality of installing modem pools in each
  > >> > telco switch location to grab the dialup user's traffic at the IP level
  > >> > and then route it to their ISP of choice for authentication and further
  > >> > routing. In other words, an ISP wouldn't buy phone lines, modems and
  > >> > terminal servers, they would buy IP access ports.
  > >
  > >I now find that BC-Tel is offering this service in parts of British
  > >Columbia. BC-Tel is half owned by GTE.
  > Michael,
  > Also of possible interest here is that Westel, another telco in British
  > Columbia started offering this service early 3rd quarter of last year (with
  > Livingston Portmasters, ISP managed RADIUS authentication, and its own
  > Internet connection) which pressured to BCTel to offer a similar service.
  > Eric Woodward.
  > ejw at
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