Michael Dillon michael at
Tue Apr 23 02:45:12 UTC 1996

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Vadim Antonov wrote:

> And then, if you stopped to think for a minute before writing,
> it won't fix anything.  O(N exp(M)) = O(exp(M)).

Assuming that a .ALT domain is created in which *ONLY* 3rd level
registrations take place (i.e. kirk.tlhIngan.alt) but the second
levels (i.e. tlhIngan.alt) are all automatically created and served
from the same set of nameservers, will this buy any more time?

In order to get people to register at the third level you need some
sizzle to go with the steak. I think .ALT is sizzle and automatically
created 2nd levels are also sizzle that will get people to actually
use it. I would expect that such a .ALT domain will quickly grow to
approximately half the size of .COM. This is still an unbalanced tree
but I don't understand where your math originates. What is the critical
component that is O(exp(M))?

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