Vadim Antonov avg at
Mon Apr 22 09:19:43 UTC 1996

>> Why not to restrict first-level domains to companies
>> which can demonstrate that they have 1000+ hosts?

>I have an idea :-)

>Why not create more top level domains to reduce the congestion in
>.com?  Then let other companies run some of them so a free market can
>decide what policies they like best.

Because there's already a lot of them (i didn't count but
it appears to be close to a hundred) and you'll have real hard
time convincing root NS operators (who, FYI, provide that service
free of charge) to add any more.

And then, if you stopped to think for a minute before writing,
it won't fix anything.  O(N exp(M)) = O(exp(M)).

In other words, if you throw in more TLDs you may (in the absolutely
ideal case, when registration suddenly spread equally in all TLDs)
it will delay the namespace collapse by 6 months for every doubling
of number of TLDs.  Since the real-world scenario would be far from the
ideal case what you offered would cause a lot more problems and
fix nothing.

The only way to fix domain name service is to stop the insane
flat-tree registration and start growing tree in depth.

Which is -- if you want to start a registry ask NIC to allocate
you something like MYREG.COM and register whoever you want
*under it*.  No negotiations with root NS operators.  No additional
load on root NSes.   But, i guess, that solution does not appear
to be as "sexy" as screaming bloody murder about InterNIC policies.

The only problem i see with what InterNIC is doing now is
that they encourage proliferation of the "first-level domains
are sexy" hysteria.  John et al -- how about stopping to register
names under .com *NOW* and start registering them under .AA.COM (with
understanding that later there will be .AB.COM etc, some of them
delegated to other registries)?

Name collisions could be resolved in that way, too, rendering the
trademarked-domain wars unnecessary. (I won't say it'll make
all lawyers to jump from the bridge, but still).

It remains a mystery to me why so many supposedly intelligent
people keep running in circles trying to argue against the
trivial mathematics.


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