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Thu Apr 4 03:05:59 UTC 1996

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Jeff Ogden wrote:

> >From my point of view (from my customers' point of view) the Internet in
> the US is failing right now. It hasn't collapsed, but some parts are almost
> unusable due to congestion. 

IMHO a good portion of this is due to overstressed WWW servers and/or 
undersized links to very popular WWW server sites. This is not a network 
problem, per se, it is a problem caused by and solvable by the people who 
operate very popular WWW server sites. One site that is getting worse and 
worse is which carries things like MacWeek and PCWeek.

> I think lots of people are working hard to
> improve that situation and I do think it will get better over time (and
> then it will get worse again and better and ..., just as it has in the
> past).  I do think communication about who is doing what, could be better.

Classic problems caused by stupendously amazing growth rates....

P.S. have a look at if you want to 
read an interesting retrospective by Bob Metcalfe.

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