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Thu Apr 4 19:25:18 UTC 1996

Dear Mr. Huegen,

Must say your below email about me was very upsetting.

What EXACTLY was "rubbish" in my recent InfoWorld column about NANOG etc?

/Bob Metcalfe

PS: You're confusing me with the other Bob Metcalfe, the one who writes
about hog prices.

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>On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Jeremy Porter wrote:
>> As top the top 100 cheief engineers, assuming for a moment that 100
>> number is something more than a number I pulled out of thin air., With
>> your comments to Nanog you are probably addressing half.
>Bob Metcalfe is just another example of a computer journalist caught up
>in the buzzwords of the current technology.  It's sad to see such rubbish
>in news, but hey, it's how they make the money.  It's very disappointing
>that he attempts to DEFEND his cluelessness against some of the BEST in
>the industry.
>Bob, I recommend you go back to covering hog prices for the local paper.


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