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Larry J. Plato ljp at noc.ans.net
Mon Sep 11 17:30:20 UTC 1995

> Well, while Sean's wording at times is, ahem, suboptimal, he is
> referring to a real problem in the Internet System, and in fact one
> that the North American Network Operators Group should take
> responsibility for, at least for the North American part. The problem
> is what others believe is a strength: an anarchic system of many
> autonomous service providers with little or no service model/metrics
> (neither for the local nor for the system level), and no well defined
> rules of conduct for interoperation and problem resolution.
... stuff deleted ...
> This all should be critical to the NANOG agenda if the service
> providers would want to continue to provide quality services.
> I think it is an attitude problem of people largely caring about their
> own swamp.

And to make matters more confusing, not all service providers 
agree on what level of service should be provided.  I think the 
NANOG is the perfect place to discuss what we think should be the 
minimum acceptable service level, as well as what can be expected 
in terms of inter-provider help and cooperation.  Sean's comments 
are, in my opinion, useful as a basis for discussion, and completely 
appropriate.  I think we all need to discuss our expectations in 
an open forum.  We may never agree, but at least we can disagree 

Larry Plato
ANS Network Operations

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