Other flapping prefixes. Compare and contrast.

Michael Dillon michael at junction.net
Mon Sep 11 17:00:58 UTC 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Hans-Werner Braun wrote:

> The problem
> is what others believe is a strength: an anarchic system of many
> autonomous service providers 

> Eventually something hits the roof for someone, and he
> starts bitching more publicly as his only remaining leverage, which is
> what seemed happening to Sean. What choice did he have? 

IMHO, given that this *IS* an anarchic system, the proper place to  get 
pissed is in public, i.e. this list or another list. That is how anarchic 
systems work! Because everyone is autonomous and makes their own 
decisions, it is neccessary that the information required to make those 
decisions be fully public.

In this case, new people are continually joining this anarchic system and 
the only way they can understand it is to see it in action *IN PUBLIC*. 
I'm not just talking about ISP's who are moving to multihoming and BGP, 
but also new employees at existing NSP's.

Another characteristic of anarchy is that if you are smart and you know 
something, then you get to impart that knowledge however you please and 
there is no big brother out there who is going to tell you that this is 
conduct unbecoming to a teacher. Well, Sean is imparting knowledge....

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