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Mike Nasto mnasto at nysernet.org
Mon Sep 11 17:59:14 UTC 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Larry J. Plato wrote:

> And to make matters more confusing, not all service providers 
> agree on what level of service should be provided.  I think the 
> NANOG is the perfect place to discuss what we think should be the 
> minimum acceptable service level, as well as what can be expected 
> in terms of inter-provider help and cooperation.  Sean's comments 
> are, in my opinion, useful as a basis for discussion, and completely 
> appropriate.  I think we all need to discuss our expectations in 
> an open forum.  We may never agree, but at least we can disagree 
> politely,
> Larry Plato

Politely is the operative word here.  I thinks Sean's comments are the 
only way we will have any significant changes that benefit the customer, 
as opposed to benefiting the "network" itself.
Mike Nasto.

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