What is SPAM? - was Re: Legislative Relief - was Re: Motion...

Cat Okita cat at system9.unisys.com
Tue Oct 17 14:21:20 UTC 1995

spam:  Any posting which contains an advertisement of a product.
>posting:  Any peice of electronic material found either in a UseNet NewsGroup,
>	  public mailing list (listserv), or a private mailing list.
>I really don't see what the big deal is in all this.
>Dave Siegel			President, RTD Systems & Networking, Inc.
>(520)623-9663			Systems Consultant -- Unix, LANs, WANs, Cisco
>dsiegel at rtd.com			User Tracking & Acctg -- "Written by an ISP, 
>http://www.rtd.com/						for an ISP."

This email has an advertisement in it - it's for RTD Systems & Networking.
Should we call this spam???

Perhaps a more appropriate definition would be:

spam: A posting to multiple newsgroup/mailing lists/? which contains
	as its greater part an advertisement of a product and/or is
	with regards to a topic of no relevance to the forums in which
	it has been posted.

Spamming is not entirely commercial - I can't agree that the various
obscene postings/mailings which appear in the same manner as spams
like the magazine spam are commercial (aimed at titilating the poster,
perhaps, but not at creating a profit for the poster).


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