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Carl Payne cpayne at optical.fiber.net
Tue Oct 17 18:58:55 UTC 1995

>Perhaps a more appropriate definition would be:
>spam: A posting to multiple newsgroup/mailing lists/? which contains
>	as its greater part an advertisement of a product and/or is
>	with regards to a topic of no relevance to the forums in which
>	it has been posted.

My suggestion:

The electronic posts commonly called "spam" are posts to mailing lists,  
mailboxes, or newsgroups of a content inappropriate to the target  
destination's charter, or posts inappropriately mass-delivered without regard  
for their proper delivery.

You can advertise for bovine sex slaves all you want, but I don't want to see  
the ad in comp.sys.next.sysadmin.  You can write all the get-rich-quick  
schemes and chain letters you want--they're not illegal--but you'd better be  
sure you know where they're going.

Therein lies the sum of my argument.


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