Internic address allocation policy

Karl Denninger karl at
Mon Mar 20 16:31:50 UTC 1995

> On Sun, 19 Mar 1995, Karl Denninger wrote:
> > My request was for 256 Class "C"s.  We have consumed almost exactly that in
> > a year.
> I did the same.  With a little drawing and a bit of written proof, I had
> no problem in getting the block for Interpath.  Interpath has
> not *QUITE* used up the block, but pretty darn close, as Michael and
> others can attest... 
> I certainly believe that if you are not willing to produce proof [of some
> sort], you should not just be given the resources....  Heck, why not a
> policy of "proof or pay".  If you are not willing to show that you are
> seriously planning to use them, *THEN* you pay for them? 
> Sorry to disagree with you on this one, Karl... 8-)
> -abc
>                                               Alan B. Clegg
>                                               Information Systems Manager
>                                               American Research Group

Heh, I can lie my way through anything.  I just refuse to do so.

Can I predict a year out where we will have POPs, what kind of customers will
be behind those POPs, or where they will be situated and how we will route
their networks for them?

No damn way.  No ISP in the business can possibly do that and be telling the
truth.  I can tell you what I have on my desk in the form of orders *right
now*, but tomorrow is another day, and when you're growing 20% a month it is
absolutely impossible to predict anything other than a gross guess at what
your actual requirements are.

As it turns out, I'm a good guesser and historical evidence points this out
-- both now and a year ago.  But the level of detail that the NIC asked 
me for was *impossible* to provide unless I just wanted to lie and generally
play with people's heads.

I don't play that game.

I've been installing networks for people for damn near 10 years, and on the
net for eight of those.  I've worked with the NIC to get things done for
those firms I worked for, and my own, for most of that time.  The folks
there know damn well who I am and what I build, and by now it should be
irrelavent to request my business plan -- unless they want it for some
other, not-so-kosher reason!

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