Internic address allocation policy

Alan B. Clegg abc at
Mon Mar 20 16:40:24 UTC 1995

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, Karl Denninger wrote:

> Heh, I can lie my way through anything.  I just refuse to do so.

Yup.. I guess that when I drew it out in detail with only two mistakes 
[POPs ended up a different location than what was planned] I was lying.

Nope, I did not lie, and neither would you if you were to think a 
little.  A business plan is just that, a PLAN, and the NIC is asking for 
a PLAN, not a full view of the future.  If you are wrong, you are wrong.  
If you submit what you PLAN, that is what they are asking for.

> Can I predict a year out where we will have POPs, what kind of customers will
> be behind those POPs, or where they will be situated and how we will route
> their networks for them?

If not, you don't have an idea of what your business is going to be 
doing.  As I said above, you may plan wrong, but you sure as HELL should 
have a plan that at least goes a year into the future.

> No damn way.  No ISP in the business can possibly do that and be telling the
> truth.

I don't appreciate being called a liar, Karl.

They asked for a PLAN, I supplied a PLAN.


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